Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Shell of A Home

We finally had our last garage sale this weekend. All that is left in our house now is what we are shipping to Switzerland, and a few boxes that my parents are storing for us. Basically, that means we have a mattress on the floor and our computers. Jack doesn't seem to mind the empty house, he thinks it is one big playroom:

We sold both our dining tables so we have been eating on the floor. That didn't go over very well with Jack since he couldn't sit in one spot and eat so I had to buy him a little chair/table. He seems to really like it though.

My parents came down for Easter last weekend. Here is Jack kickin' back with Nana

Hunting for eggs
Nana and Poppie brought a basket filled with lots of goodies

Here are a few more photos for this past week:

Reading with Luke:
The itch you just can't quite reach
Jack is not happy about wearing Luke's shirt
Wii Fit
Ready to be shipped off to Switzerland
In other news, it looks like we may be in the US 1-2 weeks longer than originally thought, but that is a whole 'nother post...

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