Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reached my picture limit

Apparently I have reached my limit of photos I can take of Jack. We were at Garden of the Gods the other day and I took out my camera and he tells me "put in pocket" then he proceeds to crumble into a little ball on the ground until I put my camera away.

Now, every time I take my camera out he gets upset and tells me to put it back in my pocket. I guess I'll need to find a way to camouflage my camera...

Here are some funny videos. This first one was taken the other day when I noticed that Jack was being really quiet (never a good sign) so I found him in Luke's office "checking his email"

One day last week we were walking outside and Jack dropped a piece of his muffin. He wanted to pick it up and eat it again, but I stopped him and said "it's okay, the birdies will eat it." Fast forward a few days, we are eating dinner at home and Jack proceeds to dump his plate of food on the floor and says "birdies eat." I couldn't help but laugh. BIG MISTAKE. Now he thinks it is funny to throw food (or pour water) on the floor and tell me that the birdies will eat it:

Jack is very excited about our move to Switzerland:

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