Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Tonight, as I was putting Jack to sleep I was telling him a story about how we were going on a grand adventure and that we would be getting on a plane and moving to Switzerland and exploring new places, etc. He got so excited that he jumped out of bed and ran to the door and said "go Switzerland, airplane." When I told him that we weren't going to Switzerland today he started crying and kept asking to go to Switzerland on an airplane. Then, when he was settled in bed again he kept saying "Switzerland" to himself as he was falling asleep. I wonder what he thinks Switzerland will be like ...

Here is a video I meant to post a while ago. One of Jack's favorite phrases is "nice day out." He says it several times a day regardless of if it is snowing, raining or sunny. And he uses it to his advantage as well, he'll wake up bright and early and say "mommy up. Nice day out!"

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