Sunday, April 11, 2010

Permit Woes

It looks like everyone jumped the gun to try and get us out to Switzerland as soon as possible. Everyone was so excited for Luke to transfer to the Swiss design center that they drew up a contract and set his start date as May 1st. We started selling all of our stuff right away and making arrangements to move overseas. Luke's work is paying for the move so we contacted them about getting reimbursed for a few expenses and they said they won't pay for anything until the work permit is approved by the Swiss government. They won't pay for ANYTHING! As in, we can't move until this permit is approved. This wouldn't be so bad except for one thing, HR didn't submit the paperwork until last week. This means it could be 4-6 weeks still. Luke's boss is pretty certain that the approval will go through quickly, but he can't guarantee it.

To make matters worse, we already signed a contract with our management company to be out of our house by May 1 so that they can find renters for us. So we may be living in a hotel for a few weeks. It is all really frustrating considering we worked so hard to be able to get everything ready for an April move...only to be told we have to wait another month. It is possible that we will still leave in April and take a "vacation" in Switzerland until the work permit is approved. We should know more in the next week.

Meanwhile, here are our visa/passport photos that we had taken almost a month ago...darn HR waited 3 weeks to submit these with the proper paperwork.

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