Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anniversary in Austria - Feldkirch

Luke and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this weekend and we decided to treat ourselves to a short vacation in Austria. The Austrian border is about a 3 hour drive from us, but with a 3 year old and a pregnant lady the 3 hour drive was more like a 5 hour drive so we spent the first night right near the border in a small town called Feldkirch. 

Town of Feldkirch
I have come to love these little towns that are closed to street traffic. It is so nice to be able to sit at a cafe and let Jack run around without having to worry about cars.

Funny face in front of a church

Neat looking doorway
Like most little towns here, Feldkirch has it's own castle.
Feldkirch castle on the hill

View of the town from the castle

The town of Feldkirch 

Jack has seen so many castles but
still loves them!

Castle window
I was surprised that we were able to get into the castle for free, but we soon found out that the castle was actually a restaurant. The atmosphere was really nice and I would have loved to eat here, but we already had dinner plans so we just walked around for a few minutes and left
Castle courtyard and restaurant

Another view of the courtyard
 A couple pictures we took on the way out of the castle

Next to the castle they had a mini golf course that Jack was insistent on visiting.

If we didn't let him cheat, we would never make it past the first hole
You couldn't have asked for a prettier place to have a mini golf course
View of the mountains across the way

Luke and Jack caught several little lizards

Another view of the castle

These flowers were growing everywhere

Back in the town of Feldkirch with
the castle in the distance
Narrow little streets

Another church
One of the things I noticed right away in Austria was the paintings on all the buildings. Almost every building was painted
The main streets are also lined with arcades which comes in handy when it rains
The hotel we stayed at
This hotel was really nice and had tons of character. The decorations reminded me of the haunted mansion in Disneyland
The painting above our bed was especially creepy

The creepy painting
The view from our window
Our hotel also had a very nice restaurant so we had our anniversary dinner here.
Another thing we noticed about Austria (or this region at least) were the bees! The bees here replaced the flies, and they were everywhere!
Luke is determined to get the bee on my coke bottle

The next morning the rain came...but Jack didn't mind one bit

One of his favorite things to do is to ride his scooter through puddles
Of course, Luke and I took advantage of the arcades to stay dry

We tried to find shelter in a parking garage, but Jack preferred riding in the puddles so we weren't able to escape the rain for long.
After letting him ride around town for a couple hours, we packed up the car and drove another few hours to Innsbruck. 

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