Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swiss National Day

We celebrated Swiss National Day yesterday (August 1st). It is similar to the 4th of July in America with cookouts and fireworks. To start the day we headed up in to the mountains to have brunch at a local farm
On August 1st the whole country is decorated in Swiss flags

Entrance to the farm

View of the brunch tables

Inside the barn they had set up an assortment of fresh cheeses, breads
salami and sweets

But my favorite site was outside

Delicious sausages wrapped in tin foil ready to be smoked in the fire
Always love the sight of grannies working on the farm.
This little old lady was in charge cooking the sausages

Live music

The farm was a great atmosphere for the kids. They had all sorts
bikes and play equipment to keep all ages happy

After brunch they encourage you to walk through the barn.
This baby cow was hungry and when Luke told me to stick out my finger
I did and the little cow nearly sucked it right off.

Great farm fun! A hay wall where you can jump off into a big pile of hay

Jack had a blast 

Recently I have been looking into spending the night at a farm as a last vacation
before the new baby. Many farms in Switzerland offer a program where you can
sleep in the hay for really cheap and then spend time "working" on the farm.
 It is geared towards kids and I really think Jack would like it. Spending the
morning at this farm really showed how much Jack enjoys being around
the animals and if it's possible we might be sleeping in the hay
sometime this month.

One pony ride before taking the tired boy home

And ice cream for the road
After the morning at the farm Jack was thoroughly exhausted and took a nice long nap before we headed out to Neuchatel to meet some friends for the celebration at the lake
Jack and his new friend Mabel

Even though he has no idea what she is saying (she speaks German)
he is thrilled to be holding her hand. 

On the go-carts

Jack against Mabel

Cutie pies

Jack getting some practice with Mabel's new baby sister
Jack and his friends ready to watch the fireworks
The fireworks didn't start until 10:30pm, but it was a great show and Jack was mesmerized for about 10 minutes and then he said he was done with fireworks and proceeded to sit on the ground and pick his nose through the last 20 minutes of the show.  It was way past midnight by the time we all got to bed, but I have to say it was a great day to be living in Switzerland. 

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