Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Europa Park - Germany

Since we were in the area, we decided to take Jack to Europa Park one day. Even though we had planned this trip after summer vacations had ended (for the kids in Switzerland anyways) we soon found out that the kids in Germany were just starting their vacations. The place was insanely packed and we even had to park our car way out in some fields miles from the park. Thankfully we were not expecting to ride any of the "fun" rides this day so we avoided just about all the lines. Instead, we hopped from kiddie ride to kiddie ride and Jack had a blast!

Big slide that Luke and Jack climbed
up at least 20 times
We went to Europa Park right around the same time last year and I took a picture of Jack by this same Viking. I guess we will have to make this guy park of our Europa Park tradition


Luke and Jack on the Viking Ship


I think watching Luke on the slides
is funner than watching Jack

 Since our trip last year, Jack had grown a bit so he was able to go on one new ride. This taxi ride was actually pretty crazy and spun around really fast. He loved it though!

This is a great park to visit in the summer because they have a ton of fun water things to do throughout the park. It was funny to see so many kids running around in their underwear since they didn't know to bring their bathing suits.
Thankfully we knew about the water and packed Jacks swimsuit

Enjoying some ice cream 
Another fun water area

The belly (and the face) continue to grow
 Jack with Europa Park's own version of Mickey Mouse
I really like Europa Park...probably more than Disneyland. The park is divided into the different European countries and they do a really good job of making each country unique. We were able to enjoy some delicious pizza in the Italy area, you can get crepes in France, sausages in Germany, etc. Plus, they sell beer throughout the park and prices are very reasonable. Even though we have been there twice now, we still haven't even visited all the countries or went on all the rides. I would love to make this trip a yearly tradition for us. 

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