Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Austria - Innsbruck

Monday morning it was still raining so we went to a local mall to take advantage of the cheap goods! We couldn't believe how cheap everything was! I was shocked to see that the McDonalds had a dollar (well Euro) menu. In Switzerland, a small soda at McDonalds is around 5 chf, so I was thrilled to get one for 1 euro! Austria felt much more like home to us then Switzerland did (does). The people in Austria were super friendly, they were also very diverse and everything was very cheap. Luke and I both think Austria is our favorite country thus far. 

After we loaded up on shoes and clothes at the mall, we took Jack to the Innsbruck Alpenzoo
"I can't make it!" The four words I hate to
hear as Jack clings to our legs asking to be carried
The zoo was really nice and between the torrential downpours it turned out to be a nice day.
Jack showing off his new (and super cheap) rain boots we bought at the mall
Feeding the animals
Here comes the rain
"I can't make it!"
View of Innsbruck from the zoo. Up on the mountain across the way you can see the bergisel ski jump.
Another view of the city and the ski jump
Jack happy to be carried
After the zoo we decided to walk the old town of Innsbruck. 
Austria is also known for making several tasty tortes. One of which is the Sacher torte which is a chocolate lovers dream.
I had to try one, and didn't want to share so Luke and I each got our own. (Thankfully Jack was sleeping in the stroller)
The buildings of Innsbruck were so detailed and elaborate.

And again, several of the buildings were painted

Innsbruck also had the arcades on the main streets so we could escape the rain

When Jack woke up we took him to get a small chocolate cake of his own.
And we found out that Apple strudel is another Austrian dish that I always thought was German.
I'm not a fan of apple strudel but Luke is, so he had to try one
Tuesday morning was our last day in Austria and of course it turned out to be a nice sunny day. We made one last trip over to Hall in Tirol to see the city in nice weather.

The footbridge that leads us back home
From Innsbruck to home is a very long drive so we stopped halfway at a big play center to get out of the car for a bit.

Jack and Luke had a great time playing in the foam ball room where you can build forts and try and shoot the other teams forts down
Here is Jack trying to build up a fort while Luke attacks the other team
It was a lot of fun to watch Luke (the only adult) and all these kids play. As it turned out all the kids decided to form a group and gang up on Luke and Jack. My poor guys had no chance against all the kids...but a great time was had!
And all the running around made the next 3 hours of sitting in the car somewhat bearable.

Of course, once we got back to Switzerland the rain cleared up and it has been a nice and sunny week. But even with the rain, we LOVED Austria. I can't wait to go back. I have heard several times about Austria's famous "kid hotels" where it is basically geared 100% towards keeping kids happy. I would love to try one this winter since they all offer ski schools starting at 3 years old and daycare for the babies so Luke and I would be able to ski together! But all I know for sure is that we will be going back to Austria!

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