Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake Titisee - Germany

From our B&B in the Black Forest, we took a day tip Lake Titisee. We had anticipated a nice hot day for swimming, but discovered that it is a very windy area which made it too cold to swim. So instead we rented a boat to explore the lake. 

Our captain

View of the town from our boat
Of course, it is never too cold for Jack to get in the water so he spent a good while throwing rocks and splashing around.

Jack couldn't resist a trip on the Ferris wheel
Waiting in line

As Luke and Jack were on the ferris wheel, a steady stream of antique cars pulled into the parking lot for a car show

Scootering around town
We stopped to let Jack jump for a while on the trampoline ride
He was trying desperately to do flips, but never got all the way around without someone helping him
More scootering
Views of the countryside
Lake Titisee
Best buds
After spending the day at the lake, Jack was tired but still wanted to swim since we had told him we would be swimming this day. Next to the lake we found a huge indoor water park so we decided to go for the rest of the afternoon. Part of it was set up for adults and the other half was where the kids could run wild
The "adult" part with nice warm water

View of the entrance to the adult pool

Lounge chairs 
In the kids area there were several slides for Jack

I preferred the adult pool since it was warmer and I didn't have to worry so much about little feet kicking me. I spent a good amount of time relaxing here. There was even a door on the pool so you could swim outside
Jack liked the spa bubbles in the adult pool
They even had a swim up bar where we could enjoy some drinks
Jack wanted to go back in to the kids pool after a while, so he and Luke went off and I was able to sit and relax for a while.
Lily's first trip to the water park
It was a great day, but I have to say that it is so frustrating to not be able to go on the fun "thrill" slides. I can't wait until Jack and Lily are old enough to be able to enjoy all the adventurous rides with me :-)  

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