Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Austria - Hall in Tirol

For the second part of our trip we stayed right outside of Innsbruck in a small village called "Hall in Tirol"  The bed and breakfast we stayed at was very family friendly and they had a cat who sat at the reception desk all day that Jack loved to pet. They also had a huge Bernese mountain dog that Luke really liked and now wants to get one just like it. 

Across from our hotel was this old hotel which I thought was awesome looking but I'm not sure if it is even open for business
From our B&B it was a short walk to the town center
Thankfully there were plenty of puddles to keep Jack happy for the entire walk

Neat looking building on the way to town

Church in town

Another painting on the building
Tiny little passageway to get to town
Apparently the town of Hall in Tirol was very wealthy in their heyday. It was a salt mining town and the salt made them very rich. They even have their own mint in town.

We were able to stop and escape the rain for a while at a small cafe.
Jack loves coffee and he likes to scoop the last little drips out of Luke's cup

Fountain in the town square

As it was such a rainy day, the city was deserted
Our B&B also had a small restaurant where we ate each night. The food was surprisingly delicious and very cheap! We tried to eat typical Austrian food and were surprised to learn that wienerschnitzel is actually and Austrian dish...and all these years I thought it was german! Pancakes are also popular in the area around Innsbruck and the first night I had a broth soup with torn pancakes that was very tasty. 

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