Monday, March 5, 2012

Best place to learn how to ski

Switzerland has to be the best place for a 3 year old to learn how to ski! There are "teleski" places all around us which offer easy slopes great for learning. A few weeks back Luke and Jack went on a trip with Jack's friend Mabel and her dad to a teleski resort in the Bernese Oberland area. 

Jack ready to go skiing
Jack and Mabel

They had a great time even though Luke had to learn to ski while trying to teach Jack to ski.

This past weekend we went up to a local mountain and found another great ski slope that is perfect for little skiers.

Jack learned how to grab on to the rope and let it pull him to the top of the hill

He was so proud of himself
Then Luke and I took turns running down the slope with Jack on his skis 

Jack's little friend Anik was there too and she is already able to go up the rope and down the hill with no help at all!

Look at her go!

Lily missed out on all the fun as she was napping in the stroller

Taking a break:
Jack and Anik
Lily woke up just in time to enjoy some of the nice weather
Everyone enjoying the beautiful weather
Jack found a snow covered playground to play on

The view of the capital of Bern below

Jack had a great time and he really enjoys skiing. I love that we have so many baby slopes to take him to right near our house. I'm hoping that we can get him back to the slopes another couple times before the season is over for the year. 

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