Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Swiss Alps

It's been a while since we made a trip to visit the Alps, so we decided to drive up and get some of our favorite Rosti in Switzerland. 

It took us and hour and a half to reach the Alps by car, then another hour train ride up to our favorite restaurant. But is was worth it!

View from the restaurant
Unfortunately we didn't plan well enough for the weather and we had to head back early as we were all freezing
Luke and Jack trying to stay warm
 It's hard to believe this background is even real
My favorite thing about the ski slopes in Switzerland is that they are open to everyone... skiers and non skiers. You will find people snow shoeing, sledding, walking or just sitting and enjoying the restaurants at almost all of the resorts. The resorts I visited in California and Colorado seemed to cater just to skiers, but here you are welcome even if you don't ski/snowboard.
The Alps in the background and a lucky family ready
to ski right down the mountain

Too cold for Jack

Waiting for our train

Halfway down the mountain we got off the train at the town of Wengen. We stayed here last summer and really liked the town. It's just as amazing in the winter

Luke waiting for an important phone call
Luke, still waiting for his phone call

Jack wanted a picture of him by the wall too

Our train down the mountain

 This is such a scenic train, but it's hard to enjoy when you're trying to keep two little ones happy.
Jack doesn't appreciate the scenery

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