Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sensorium Museum

We went with some friends to the Sensorium museum just outside of Bern. The idea behind the museum is to let kids explore their senses. Jack and his friend Mabel had a blast running through all the rooms. 

Exploring the sense of sight
 Funny how Jack could spend hours in front of a mirror making faces at himself

Lily and Charlotte hanging out
 Jack and Mabel having fun with the sense of sound

Making music
 Several large jars were filled with different items to touch
Exploring the sense of touch
 Even Luke and Lily got in on the fun
The favorite room was this barefoot path. Barefoot hiking is actually pretty popular here in Switzerland and they have entire hiking trails that are specifically designed for it. After watching Jack and Mabel run through this path hundreds of times, I realized that Jack would love to do a real barefoot hiking trail so that has been my mission this past week to find some good barefoot trails.
After we went through the museum we let the kids play outside at the playground

Jack with the beautiful Swiss countryside in the background
Best part of the playground had to be this huge slide

It was a great day and I am so happy that the weather is finally starting to turn nice again! 

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