Sunday, March 18, 2012

The mind of a three year old

Jack has been cracking us up with some of his thoughts lately.

Jack regularly makes up names we need to call him. He'll say "Don't call me Jack, call me Doctor" or "call me Monster" etc. Today he came up with a name for me. He said "Mom, I'm going to call you "Pretty Mommy'"

After watching Shrek for the first time, he was telling me all about it "Mom, there was a dragon and a castle and a princess...just like Lily is  a princess"

Tonight he was having a sad moment (after Luke beat him at a game) and he turns to me and says "Mom, can you make me happy again?"

Jack and I were walking home the other day and a group of neighborhood friends came up to him and one of the boys shook his hand. I was walking behind Jack at this point, so when I got up to him I asked what the kids said. Jack said "They didn't say anything, Nico (the friend) just gave me his hand and we wiggled hands together."

And the other day after a few minutes of silent, deep thinking:
"Mom, do talking pigs fart?"

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