Saturday, March 24, 2012

One last ski day

We were able to take Jack skiing one last time for the season. This time we went ahead and got Jack an hours worth of private lessons. He did really good and was able to go down the kiddie hill all by himself

 After his lessons, we had a fondue lunch with our friends
 Then Jack went back up the mountain a few more times with his friend Anik and her mom and dad.
Luke and I had some time alone with Lily to snap some cute pictures

As a side note. getting out of the house is always a little hectic with two kids. Jack is usually running around like a madman while I'm trying to get Lily ready to go. I've discovered a great game that has solved all our problems with those last 15 minutes before we leave the house. The game is that I tell Jack the exact time we are leaving i.e. 11:10 and then I tell him to stare at the clock until it is 11:10. He will stand there and stare at the clock for 15 minutes straight, watching very carefully as it changes from minute to minute. This game has been a lifesaver for me, I just hope it works for a long, long time. 
Jack watching the clock
 I have seen this sign to Florida several times, so last weekend we decided to check it out and see what Florida was all about.
 Our drive to Florida
 Welcome to Florida!
 It turns out that Florida was a mini golf place.

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