Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lenzburg Castle

A few weeks ago we drove an hour an a half to visit a castle that we have been wanting to go to ever since Lily was born. When we finally got there we had to walk quite a ways up a big mountain only to discover that the castle was closed! Apparently most castles in Switzerland are closed for the winter and reopen on April 1st. Who knew!!??

Lenzburg Castle
Walking up to the castle

Long way up!

At the steps of the castle just before
learning it was closed

Looking down from the castle door
Below the castle was a really neat forested playground. So luckily the trip was not a complete bust. We spent a few hours playing in here with Jack
Entrance to the playground

One of the houses in the playground

Lily loves to be upside down

King of the tree stump

Stick fighting

View of all the little houses in the playground

My sweet girl
Me and my babies


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