Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun at home

This winter has been tough for us. There have been weeks when it has been too cold to go outside. Being stuck inside the tiny apartment with Jack and Lily is no walk in the park though. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stick Jack in front of the TV all day, but I can't do that. So I have decided to start some weekly lesson plans and activities to keep Jack busy during the long days inside. We have started going through the alphabet, one letter a week, and then we have activities and projects all week relating to that letter:

A is for Astronaut. 
Little astronauts in space
I also got several workbooks for Jack to work through by himself. He hates coloring and dot to dots, but he loves tracing pages. He is also a whiz kid at the mazes, he can spend an hour going through maze books.

I have a habit of saving our egg cartons for various projects. They are great fun when used to sort small items or to toss marbles in to. Our egg carton collection has started to grow too big to fit into the cupboard so we decided to turn some of our cartons into animals:
Caterpillar, ant, ladybug and spider
Egg carton spider:
We made several home made projects for Luke's birthday, but by far my favorite was this questionnaire I asked Jack about Luke

I framed the questionnaire with this picture Jack drew of him and his daddy

Another one of Jack's favorite indoor games is hiding. Whether it is in the closet, under his blankets, behind the chairs, etc, Jack LOVES to hide. One day I brought out this tunnel and he had a blast hiding in it. We even got Lily in on the fun. 
Here are some pictures of Lily in her pretty dress
She wants to sit up all by herself

But eventually she falls over

Here she was trying to get some chips Jack had in his hand.

My two cuties

This is her cabbage doll face

Sweet little princess
Girls are so fun to dress!

Last but not least: our favorite thing to do before bed is play Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Even Lily gets in on the fun.

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