Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seeteufel Zoo

We are enjoying the beautiful weather here as winter turns to spring. It is one of my favorite times of the years as it is still really crisp in the morning but warm enough in the afternoon to take off your jacket. 

Last weekend we drove up to the local town of Studen to visit the zoo. This is a small zoo, but really kid friendly. You can buy a bag of popcorn at the entrance and use it to feed all the animals

Jack feeding the goats

Our little animal lover
 This zoo also has tons of other fun things for kids to do
Luke pushing Jack on the big monster cars
 And they have a good selection of animals
My favorite are the otters
 One thing I love about Switzerland is that it still has all the fun (but dangerous) rides that the US got rid of long ago
Coin operated swing ride
(with no seat belt)
 View of the zoo from the entrance

 We were able to watch several of the animals be fed, but the penguins were our favorite.

Lily passed out in her stroller
 Another fun ride I don't think you'd find at many US playgrounds.
Jack on the zip line
 This was the first time I have seen a kangaroo close enough to touch

Jack trying to feed the kangaroo


Luke and Lily

We took a small train around the zoo and found several turtles sunning themselves on the tree. Seems we weren't the only ones enjoying the nice day

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