Friday, July 27, 2012


For as long as I can remember my parents have always had a boat, I practically grew up on one. My mom and dad always tell me the story of how when I was a baby, the sound of the boat would put me right to sleep. The majority of my weekends as a kid were spent at Lake Mead, waterskiing, camping, inner tubing and hanging out on the sandy beaches. 

I have always wanted to take Jack out on the lake, but between Colorado and Switzerland we didn't have many chances. When my parents found out that we would be staying with them for a while, they drove to Nevada and picked up the boat and drove it all the way back to Colorado just so they could take us out on the lake. It was awesome! I was so happy to take Jack and Lily out on the same boat that I spent so much time on as a kid. It was great taking Jack inner tubing for the first time and watching Lily fall asleep to the sound of the motor. 

So far we have taken the boat out twice, and both times I took tons of pictures!

Jack and Luke during our first boat trip

Lily wasn't happy about wearing her
life vest, but she soon fell asleep once
the boat was in motion

Me and the kids in front of the boat
Nana and Papi

Lily loving the sandy beach

Nana, Papi and Lily

Me and my girl

Relaxing on the beach

Nana and Jack

Enjoying a BBQ lunch

Amazing how sand and an empty bottle
can be so much fun!
Luke, Papi and sleeping beauty

Jack and Nana building castles

My little cutie

She loves the lake

Such a big vest for a little girl

Luke and Jack on the inner tube
Our view most of the time

Jack had enough!

But it was fun!

I love this face!

Jack and Papi enjoying a drink

They are so much alike, in so many ways!

The whole gang together again
After the first boat trip we stopped at a local place for dinner
Lily is always ready to eat!
Papi and Lily
Papi, Nana and Lily

Shortly after this picture was taken, Jack decided to tip backwards in his chair. He learned the hard lesson of falling backwards and smacking his head on concrete. There was a huge egg on the back of his head and a little blood. 

A few weeks later we were able to take the boat out again:
Lily is excited to see the lake again

The water was warmer this time

And Lily had a new life vest to try

She had no fear of the waves or the water

Happy to be on the lake

Nana and Papi relaxing
Jack got ahold of the camera and took this picture

Luke and a tired baby girl 

Both kids loved the boat and the water! One day, when we are in Colorado for the long haul I would love to get a boat! 

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