Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Update

Our house is still standing. I guess that can be good news? But it can be bad news too... just depends how you look at it.

The house was severely damaged by the fire. I guess the basement caught on fire and the all of the floor jousts were destroyed. Also, our back deck was burnt, part of our roof was burnt, several windows and doors were blown out and much more. The smoke damage inside of the house was also severe. Some part of me wishes that the house would have burnt to the ground so we could just start again with a clean slate. But, I would never wish for all our tenants belonging to be burned, so I guess it is better this way.

From the basement, looking up at the floor

View of the destroyed floor jousts

If you want to see some videos of our home/neighborhood, you can click these links:
Fire damage to the outside of the house

Our destroyed neighborhood

The tenants have decided to move out. They do not want to wait for the house to be repaired. But they cannot just collect their things. The house is very dangerous right now as the floor is unstable. In addition, all of their things are covered in soot. They have hired a company to come and retrieve and then clean all of their things before relocating them to the new place. Talk about a pain in the rear! It's times like these that I'm really thankful for insurance.

As for our insurance, it is going to cover the repair and "loss of use" of our house. According to our claims adjuster, the damage to the house was pretty severe so he estimated that it would take 9-12 months to fix. But, once all the damage is repaired we should have a renovated house. New floors, new paint job, etc... (the little voice inside my head still keeps telling me that we could have had a brand NEW house, if only....). But I guess a renovated house is pretty cool. The hard part will be finding someone who wants to rent a house in a fire area where the rest of the neighborhood is still burnt to the ground.  And then there is also the part about having to deal with this while in the midst of an international move. But hey, no one said life was easy, right? Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. 

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