Monday, July 16, 2012


I was nervous and excited to come back to Colorado. We hadn't been back since we left for Switzerland two years ago and I was worried that after living in Switzerland, Colorado would not be as beautiful anymore.

We flew in to Denver Airport on June 20th and my dad was there to pick us up and drive us back to his house where we would be staying for the next few weeks (months?). As soon as we got into Colorado I felt like I was "home" again. I was very happy that Colorado felt just as beautiful as it did before we left. And immediately I knew that this is where I would like to (eventually) settle down.

Our first few days in Colorado we spent settling in at my parents house. One night we drove to Ft Collins to celebrate Jack's birthday. First we stopped in at a local brewery for dinner:

Lily after tasting a lemon

Then we went to Fort Fun which is a big center with all sorts of video games, slides, miniature golf, go-carts, etc. We had a blast! Jack especially loved the big slides:

Jack and Papi

Jack and Nana

Jack and Papi on the go carts

Playing video games

The first weekend in Colorado we drove down to visit some friends and drive by our house...this was only a couple of days before the fire started.

It was great being able to visit with my friends again and see Jack play with his friends who he hadn't seen in two years.
Jack and Lily with Levi

Buddies! Jack and Levi have been friends since birth
Jack and Levi the day before we left for Switzerland

New friends. Lily and Camellia (Levi's sister)

Jack and Hannah meet again

Lucca, Jack, Hannah and Haven
Our house looked great when we drove by and we were actually commenting on how nice the paint and roof looked. We drove around the block and checked out the neighborhood we used to live in. Little did we know that less than a week later all those homes would be destroyed.

Our backyard neighbors house is completely destroyed.
Our house is the white and blue one on the right.

Fire damage on our back deck

Fire damage to the deck door and window.
We are still in the process of dealing with insurance. As of right now, they are estimating it will take 9 months to 1 year to repair all the damage. Hopefully repairs will start within the next week or so. 

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