Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting with family (continued)

We were able to spend several days visiting with Luke's family. Jack and Lily had a blast playing in Grammie's backyard and they loved all the hugs and kisses from their Auntie Amanda and Uncle Josiah. 

Lily with Uncle Josiah

Lily and Auntie Amanda

 On a side note, when we arrived in California we went straight to Fry's and bought a track phone. Well, we had wanted to buy a track phone, but instead Luke bought a sim card from Simple Mobile in hopes that it would work in my Swiss iPhone. As it turned out, my iPhone was locked. Who knew? And the sim card we just bought wouldn't work. Luke was so frustrated and he spent several hours (days?) trying to get the sim card to work in my phone. He finally gave up and we waited 2 weeks for my phone to be unlocked.
Luke trying to get my iPhone to work

Lily, Luke and Alene
 One night we went to the Irvine Spectrum and Luke was able to watch the Avengers 3D with his family. Meanwhile, I met up with my friend Joyce and her kiddos
Tessa and Jack

One the carousal at Irvine Spectrum

Auntie Amanda with Lily

Romantic moment with Jack and Tessa

Auntie Amanda and Jack at the Irvine Spectrum

Dinner at the Irvine Spectrum
 Back at Grammie's house, we jumped on the trampoline:
 Opened presents:
 Hung out
Josiah, Amanda and Luke
Jack next to a picture of Luke as a child
 Played Wii

And enjoyed each other 
Grandma Dian and Lily 

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