Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day in Winter Park

A couple weekends back we spent a day in Winter Park with Nana and Papi. 

Lily and Nana
Winter Park has tons of fun things for kids to do. Including their alpine slide which Jack rode over and over again.
Jack and Papi on the lift to ride the alpine slide

Before riding the slide
There was also a fun trampoline for Jack. 
Jack learning how to do flips
Panning for gold with Nana

You couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Winter Park is beautiful in the summer!

My hamburger lover

Papi and Luke (and some random guy) ready to go riding

Jack sporting his new hat
We have been having a great time in Colorado! My parents brought the boat out from storage and we have been able to take the kids out on the boat at a local reservoir here. We have also been to WaterWorld outside of Denver. I took tons of pictures using my waterproof camera, but then I realized my camera cable (to download the pictures to my computer) is in storage in London. I have ordered a new cable but I have no idea when it will be here. I have a few more pictures I will post soon from my regular camera, but the posts will probably slow down until I get my new cable. 

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