Saturday, July 7, 2012


We love to take Jack to Disneyland when we visit California. 
Jack's first trip to Disneyland in 2009

Disneyland in 2011

This is the first year that he was tall enough to go on the fun rides. You have to be 40" to ride most rides and Jack is about 38." The night before, we drove around town and bought him the thickest soled shoes we could find. It did the trick and he magically grew 2 inches. 
Checking to make sure Jack is tall enough
In line to go on his first big kid ride
Ready to ride Star Tours
After Star Tours, we took a break to eat breakfast at the Plaza Inn. I booked a special character breakfast for Jack's birthday so he could see all the characters without having to wait in line. It worked out great, and as we ate different characters came to our table.

After the character breakfast we were off to ride more rides

Next, we took Jack on Splash Mountain. He seemed to really enjoy it.
Splash Mountain
Going up the big hill

Only, we got soaking wet.
Next we hit up Big Thunder Mountain
Jack loved this ride
He begged to go on it again and again

Meanwhile, we waited off to the side with the sleeping Lily

Then we took him to Space Mountain
He said he liked the ride, but I think he was a little scared:
The poor kid was exhausted. He fell asleep on Grandma Dian.
We took this opportunity to take a break and enjoy some ice cream
And I got a few special moments with my special girl

I love Disneyland. The place never seems to lose its magic. 

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