Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visiting with family

It was great to be back with family again! This was the first time Lily got to meet the extended family. Jack and Lily loved all the hugs and attention and we loved being able to spend time with everyone. 

At dinner with Papa, Mema, Dan and Luke

Lily with Kristy and Farrell

Tim and Megan

Jeff, Tina, Steve and Teresa

Jeff and Jack in the spa

Relaxing in Jeff's backyard

Jack loves Peanut the puppy

BBQ at Jeff's house

Lily and Mema

Tim and Megan

Dan and Lily

Tina and Jack hunting in the backyard

Tina and Jack

Mema, Lily, Kristy and Papa

Me and my boy

Lily in the spa

Denise, Tina and Lily
Jack and Dan

Jumping off the rocks at Jeff's house

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