Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorite Things: Bread

Switzerland has the worlds best bread! I'm not even kidding. We've tried baguettes and croissants from France and they are nothing in comparison to the Swiss ones. 

Jack is a croissant connoisseur. Over the last two years I'm sure he has eaten hundreds of these tasty treats. His favorite are the "pain au chocolat" 

One of Jack's very first 'pain au chocolat'
I prefer the Cailler croissants which are filled with Cailler (aka Nestle) chocolate
Luke's favorite bread is called "tresse." It's very soft and light and is usually eaten Sunday mornings with butter, fresh jam and nutella
Some of our other favorites include "couronne" or ring bread
And pretzel bread
The big grocery stores make their bread right on the spot so it is fresh. Here is the area where the make the bread at our local grocery store:
 And the wonderful, fresh bread I have to choose from:

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