Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorite Things: Cheese

Before moving to Switzerland, I hated Swiss cheese. You know, that cheese with the holes in it. That stuff that was called "Swiss" cheese but was made in America and tastes like rubber. I hated it, and I thought that when we moved to Switzerland that I would hate fondue and anything with "Swiss" cheese in it. After living here, I can say that the stuff I hated in America was definitely not Swiss cheese. The cheese here is magnificient. Even the stuff with holes in it (here it is called Emmentaler) is delicious. I could easily eat an entire block of cheese every day. 

Cheese is a serious business here and at the grocery store you will find that a large section is dedicated to cheese. There is even a cheese counter where you can ask for specialty cheeses to be cut for you:

Cheese counter

More of the cheese counter
There are hundreds more types of cheeses to choose off the refrigerator shelves. You can even find cheddar cheese... but here it is not pink. No pink cheese in Switzerland
Part of the cheese refrigerator section
By far our favorite cheese is the Gruyere. I can't imagine life without Gruyere.

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