Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Things: No prudes

So I know that one of the first things I was shocked with when we moved here was all the little boys peeing on trees and running around naked.

I'm sure that all my American friends will be horrified to hear that now Jack runs around with them, naked as can be and pees on trees.

I've actually fallen in love with the fact that people are not prudes here. I love that little kids can play naked at the beach and no one cares. I love the fact that Jack can just find a rock or tree to pee on and I don't have to search down a bathroom. This non-prudishness even extends to me and Lily. I love the fact that I can nurse Lily anywhere and no one even gives me a second look. I love the fact that nursing mothers can always be found, and I have never seen a nursing mom use a nursing cover. I love how everyone here is so relaxed when it comes down to the human body and it's no big deal. It will be a surprise to Jack when we go to Huntington beach next month and I tell him that he can't run around naked to get warm... or when I tell him that he isn't allowed to pee in public. And I'm sure it will be a shock to me the first time I get a nasty look nursing Lily with no cover, in (God forbid) a restaurant. 

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