Sunday, May 20, 2012

Favorite Things: Wanderland

The entire country of Switzerland is connected with hundreds of walking/hiking/biking paths. You can't go anywhere in Switzerland without running into one of these little yellow signs:

These signs tell you how long it should take you to walk to the various other towns. Besides these "small" walks there are various national walks that take you all across Switzerland. They have a whole website dedicated to this "Wanderland" system. (
The Wanderland hikes are numbered
According to the website, there are 7 national Wanderland hikes, 60 regional routes and 228 local routes. It always amazes me how many hiking/walking trails are in Switzerland. And the thing I love most is that on Sundays it seems everyone in Switzerland is out walking one of these paths. All the stores are closed and there is nothing else to do except to go on a walk... but I can't think of a prettier place to walk than Switzerland.

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