Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite Things: Pedibus

Here in our town all the kids walk to school. I have never even seen a school bus since we moved out of the country. All the kids are expected to walk, you see them every morning wearing their little yellow reflector vests. For those who are too young to walk by themselves there is the "pedibus." The pedibus has a meeting place just like a normal bus stop, only at the pedibus stop all the kids meet and then one mom will walk all the kids to school. There are about 5-10 kids in the pedibus so each mom only has to volunteer to walk the kids to school once every 5-10 days. It's a really great idea and I love seeing the little kids walking in a line, each holding on to one long rope that the mom has the reins to. I love being in a city where you are encouraged to walk everywhere! This is so different from our home in Colorado where we had to drive just to get to a park.

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