Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite Things: Chocolate

It's no secret that Switzerland loves chocolate. In fact, I think the average Swiss person eats over 20 pounds of chocolate a year (double the American average). The love for chocolate is started at a very early age. They have chocolate flavored formula drinks for babies as well as chocolate teething biscuits.
Baby chocolate drink
Baby chocolate cookies

In Jack's preschool class it is typical for them to give him a piece of chocolate after he eats his fruit. And for the adults, there is no short supply of chocolate. At the grocery store there is a whole isle dedicated to chocolate. Every type imaginable.
Only a small portion of the chocolate isle. I could only get
about 1/4 of the chocolates to fit on my phone camera

 My favorite is the dark chocolate with cream center and Luke likes the dark chocolate with chili. Funny thing is that we never liked dark chocolate until we moved here. I know that we have both become chocolate snobs, and Swiss chocolates will always hold a special place in our thighs... I mean hearts ;-)

Luke's favorite chocolate

My favorite chocolate

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