Monday, May 28, 2012

Favorite Things: Lily

Lily is our little Swiss souvenier. We came here without her and we will leave with her. She is most definitely our favorite thing about Switzerland and Switzerland will always be extra special to us because of her.

I have been terrible about keeping track of Lily's development. When Jack was a baby, I was able to post every week about new things he learned. Now, with Lily everything is going by so fast I can hardly keep up. So here is a little progress report on our little Swiss Lily.

Age: 7.5 months
Weight: about 18 pounds
Teeth: two bottoms and the top two are ready to come in any day
Milestones: Lily is mobile. In the past couple of weeks she has learned how to crawl and she can get around the house like nobody's business.

Lily is typically very happy and loves to squeal with joy and clap her hands. She does have a very feisty side to her though and is known to protest very loudly when take something away from her or if she doesn't get what she wants. Lily is an eating machine. She started eating baby food at 4 months, but by 6 months she was completely on table foods. She refuses her baby food now a days and will only eat what we are eating. And if we don't give her some of our food she will scream until she gets some. Lily is a terrible sleeper. She still wakes every 2 hours and will only take naps in the Ergo or in her stroller. I have given up all hopes for a good nights sleep... at least for the next 18 or so years. Lily loves her brother! Right now we are all sleeping in Jack's room as our room is now filled with all of our boxes for the move. Lily absolutely loves being in Jack's room and every night she is clapping her hands and squealing with excitement when I put her to sleep in his room. Then, in the morning as soon as Jack makes one little peep, Lily will wake right up and crawl over to try to see him. It was cute the first night/morning... but now I'm looking forward to the day I can have my own room again ;-)

Lily is such a sweet little girl, I can't wait for all our family and friends to meet her!

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