Sunday, May 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Le quatre heure

At 4:00pm in Switzerland every child is sitting down eating their snack. It is referred to as the "quatre heure" aka "the 4:00. When we first moved here I was always unprepared for this afternoon snack and Jack usually ended up eating the food all the other moms had brought for their children. But finally after 2 years, I have caught on to the quatre heure and you can bet that at 4:00 Jack is having a snack of some type of fruit (usually apples or pears with cinnamon) and then that is usually followed by bread and chocolate. It really is a great idea to have a set snack time. This cuts out all other snacking during the day as Jack knows he will have his snack (like all other children) at 4:00. 

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